Recent Case Study

The Back Shed - Restaurant & Bar

Situated in Antrim Town the Back Shed and Cova Inn Complex, has long been a favourite of the locals providing a venue for a good night out, and serving mouthwatering pizza. Ulick came to the realisation that it was time he got his foot on the bottom rung of the internet ladder or he would be left behind by the competition

The problem

All around him Ulick perceived the technological progress being made year in and year out, and realised his business was in serious need of some expert advice on web strategy. In particular how to leverage all these technological advancements when it came to his bottom line. Get more people in the door Dave!, was his brief

The Solution

I designed and build a responsive (mobile friendly) website that was content managed. The site had full html menus (not PDF's) to make them more mobile friendly. The site also had an updateable events section, daily Specials and promotions. In addition we set up an email marketing campaign that included automated invites for birthday drinks, QR Code promos and a full social media package which involved producing a promotional video

The Result

Business has started to pickup and there has been continued investment across all aspects of the business. **UPDATE:** The business has recently been sold to new owners who have decided not to use the website which is no offline!

Promotional video

I shot a short promo piece showcasing the 4 venues within the complex.

Was the project a success?

We set some targets before the project began to help us determine if Ulick's money was well spent. Here are some numbers since the website went live

40k + Page Views
60%+ Mobile Traffic
100+ Promo video views
1700+ Social media follows

Slide Background

Projects like this typically cost from £4000 - £7500.

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