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I am a web designer, web developer & web consultant based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland providing full website design service and web strategy consultation to local businesses, professionals and individuals.

Dave Harrison

Owner / Web Strategist / Web Designer / Web Developer/ Web Consultant

With over 23 years experience in the industry and a background in design, business and marketing I have all the skills needed to create sucessfull and effective websites and digital strategies, Just Ask My Clients

Based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland

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My Core Values

Vast experience meets
ethical idealist.

Attention to Detail

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. So many websites fall short of the mark because the designers/developers/strategists didn't pay attention to the small details. These details have a huge impact on everything from your position in google search engine rankings to the positive experience of your website visitors.

Being Current and Up-to-Date

I tell my daughters "Every day is a learning day", I practice what I preach and keep up to date with best practices in the web design industry employing them in every web project, which ensures your website and digital strategy is cutting edge and not obsolete in a few months time and more likely to give you a return on your investment.


Not only in the quality of the work I produce but in how I conduct my day to day business. You will always be treated with respect and in a professional manner.


I love what I do. I love my craft. I see myself as both an artisan and a facilitator. This passion overflows into your project ensuring with your help, of course, it is a great success


Integrity is integral to any happy relationship. Happy relationships are successful relationships. I am always upfront and transparent to all my clients and make it my mission to deliver what is best for my clients not what is best for my bottom line!

Creative Problem Solving

Many people think of web designers as decorators (colours,fonts,images). In actual fact we are problem solvers. You have a business problem or goal ("need more leads", "need to have a conversation with our customers", "need to educate our audience") ...we solve it with design. I use all my experience to handpick and deliver creative solutions that really work!, ask my clients.

So, what is different about me compared to other web designers and web agencies you might ask?

Whether you are investing a lot in new venture or just after your 'starter' web prescence, one of the most important decisions you make will be choosing your 'web guy'. So here are a few things to consider.

Let my clients tell you what they think
Experienced Expert versus Junior Designer

Do you want the security of a vastly experienced professional dedicated to your project or junior designer assigned to your job by sales guy. Someone who create a complete web strategy for your business or someone who has learned how to use a piece of web design software.

Up-to-date Best Practices Website versus Obsolete in 6 Months Website

I have earned a bit of a reputation for rescuing people who have either been badly let down by 'cowboy traders' who didn't really know what they were doing or by large faceless agencies who saw them as just a another number on their production line.

All Under One Roof Versus Dealing with Multiple Service Providers

Do you want beautiful web design, web development, web strategy and online marketing all integrated into one excellent value package or a cheap, nice looking but ultimately ineffective website that takes you no closer to your goal.

So maybe you are liking what you have heard so far, and you're curious to know what happens next. Well read on my friends

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Getting to know each other

Are we a good fit for each other?, do we get on?, do we communicate well with each other?, do we have the same vision for the project? do we share an understanding of 'getting what you pay for'? Building a good relationship is the key to any successful web venture. If I don't think it will work between us I'll say so before committing 100% to the project and I will give you the opportunity to do the same.

Planning & Problem Solving

All good website design projects and digital web strategies require a strong foundation and a roadmap. Why are you building a website?, who is it for? What do you hope to achieve with it? How will you determine if it is a success? How will it fit with the rest of your business plans? If you already know the answers, great! if not lets sit down together and figure it all out

Design & Build the Website (and web strategy)

Ok so we have a plan and by now a budget in mind. Its time to choose all the right tools, techniques and approaches to deliver the vision. This is also the bit were I retire to my cave and strategise, design, create, design some more, code, test, iterate, improve and deliver on time and on budget (of course) an effective web strategy and website

After Sales Support & Ongoing Partnership

The launch of your website is really only the beginning. Your focus now needs to be on driving traffic, converting the traffic, testing the performance of your website, tweaking and improving your website. This is key to any successful web strategy. Let me help you. If you just want a website and then are happy to go our seperate ways, that's fine too!

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