Recent Case Study

Slemish House Spa & Retreat - Local Holiday Let

Based outside Ballymena this luxurious family holiday home was earmarked for letting throughout the year. Sharing the beautiful locations overlooking Slemish and the hi-spec facilities including heated swimming pool and spa The owner had some issues with other web agencies and eventually drafted me on to the team to help out with a new website design and marketing drive.

The problem

The owner was not having much luck with other web agencies and wanted to work with someone local who could add value to the overall team. The brief was to design, build and market a website that could help the drive for full occupancy by 2016

The Solution

I worked tirelessly to create a strong UX web design for the project, combining my skills in UX and marketing & SEO to create a highly effective website

The Result

Unfortunately the project came to a standstill and no further production has taken place at this time.

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Developed as part of the prototpe website design

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Projects like this typically cost from £5000 - £8000.

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