Recent Case Study

Kirksroux - eCommerce Artisan

Kirk specialises in creating artisan food products. Kirk spent 18 months developing his new product range, a twist on a classic cooks ingredient. With his product range finalised and in production he turned his attention to the marketing and online selling of his new venture.

The problem

Kirk spend the best part of 18 months developing and bringing his new product to market, but in order to help with his overall marketing push he needed a strong online presense that reflected his brand and provided him with an online selling tool

The Solution

After a consultation I selected a static website solution leveraging an online shopping cart solution and payment provider giving us the best of both worlds in terms of speed, reliability and security. The solution came with a full merchant dashboard allowing Kirk to run the logistics of his operation in a user friendly interface

The Result

It is too early to say but so far reports have been positive

Slide Background

Projects like this typically cost from £4000 - £10000.

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