Recent Case Study

Cleanwell Pressure Washers NI - A local ecommerce business selling across UK and Ireland

I was approached by Alan to guide him through the move into online selling. Like many businesses he had started off with a yell website but found it no longer served his purposes

The problem

Alan up until finding me had made use of a website on one of their packages. Although the website did attract good traffic and result in occasional sales he was looking to expand the business and part of the expansion was to move into the eCommerce arena

The Solution

After a thorough analysis of Alan's current business and where he was hoping to be over the next 3 years, I decided to go with a ‘JAMStack’ approach, keeping him right on the cutting edge of web development and ensuring his investment would NOT be obsolete in a year. Alan's eCommerce business is now running on a very robust, fast and secure architecture built to allow for modification, expansion and optimisation going forward. I also put in place a full online PPC/Marketing plan to grow his traffic and more importantly conversions on an ongoing basis.

The Result

It is very early stages since launch, so we are still testing the waters and tweaking things as we go, but unofficially since launch Alan has already made £7000+ of sales directly attributed to the new website. Watch this space as we update how the project progresses.

Slide Background

Projects like this typically cost from £5000 - £15000.

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