Recent Case Study

Ballymena Nursery - Local Nursery School

Ballymena nursery school is a local institution having been around for 50 years+. On taking up her new role as principal Jacqueline Coulter recognised the need for a new web presence, showcasing the school to the local community.

The problem

The Nursery Schools website was archaic and extremely out of date and as a result under used and of no real benefit to the schools strategic plan

The Solution

Following a consultation it was decided that the school would most benefit form a website that they could update themeselves going forward, adding photo galleries, info about classes, blogs and events. The feeling was this would provide a tool through which the school good improve their communication with parents and also help towards their goal of achieving eco school status (save the trees! and all those printouts)

The Result

The website has been an invaluable tool already, offering a great source of info for both parents of current pupils and those hoping to send their kids to the school in the future. Feedback from parents has been good. Further developments have been discussed and are awaiting funding

Slide Background

Projects like this typically cost from £1500 - £3000.

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